Wholesale Manufacturers of Fine Natural Wood Pet Urns
Since 1957

Azule wood pet urns made in the usa for the pet creamation industry  
Made in the USA   Azule wood pet urns made in the usa for the pet creamation industry



Wooden Pet Urns

Azule pet urns are made of the finest California Redwood.

They are available
in three standard
sizes with several
styles from which
to choose.

These unique pet
urns provide a
presentation and
a service to be
offered by you, in
the pet cremation
industry, that
provide an
economical and
rewarding return.


Hinged Urns Branded Hinged Urns Hinged Urns Impression Urns Impression Urns Plug Urns Branded Plug Urns Impression urns Plug Urns Book Urns Book Urns Horse Urns Azule Pet Urns available in plug urns, hinged urns, book urns, horse urns, branded urns or impression urns for the pet creamation industry.

  Azule Industries

  Azule Industries is
  a family owned and
  operated business
  established in 1957.

  Our complete
  woodworking and
  wooden box
  facility is located
  in Northern

  We state with pride
  that our products
  are made entirely
  in the USA.


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